XGear – The game changer for automotive industry !


Engine Data

xGear is programmed to scan vehicle to retrieve valuable information, including fault codes and prognostic data. It helps you in keeping your vehicle in top notch condition.


Behavior Analysis

xGear’s accurate driver profiling algorithm use the actual data from engine sensors, the unique and highly advanced algorithms processes raw 3D data collected from the engine.


Fuel Economy

xGear manipulates engine data to tell about a drivers style and at what efficiency the car is being driven at and sends automoatic notifications on pre programmed events.

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XGear is a product for people who want complete control over their driving experience. It provides access to vital data of the cars using any internet enabled device from anywhere in the world to monitor, locate, diagnose and even control the car. XGear scrutinizes every driving move to optimize the driving needs based on individuals driving style to give personalized suggestions which eventually save money. XGear could open countless possibilities of what can be done with driving to eventually change the way people interact with cars.

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Our Progress

Hardware Prototype & Schematics
Windows Prototype Application
Web Service and API
Mobile Application Design
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With XGear we are basically looking to change the way people live and commute based on our predictive modeling engine !!

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