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“One Step Paper Verifier” is a software solution for collecting data on plain paper forms from tests and surveys, forms commonly includes entry test examinations, surveys, tests, research studies, evaluation and many others. It works with imaging equipment such as document image scanner or digital camera there is no need to purchase dedicated and expensive OMR readers. It supports tests with single choice question and multiple choice questions.

“One Step Paper Verifier” is capable of issuing an admit card at the time of student enrollment which can later be used for automatic form identification using the hash-coded secure barcode printed on the admit card which can be easily read by any available barcode reader in market, moreover data can be exported to virtually any spreadsheet, database, or statistical package via one of the following data file formats, moreover it can connect different universities to a central database server where all data is stored and can be accessed by the officials.

“One Step Paper Verifier” can also calculate statistical data including average score, highest score, lowest score, total scores of all test takers, amount of factual test takers, the amount of test takers in each letter grade, amount of passed test takers, rate of test takers in each letter grade and pass rate, band score, number of questions with incorrect responses, factual question score for each test taker, score percentage for each question, etc.

Want some more details about the system, download a detailed document here.